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talk is cheap, Luke wants a badge

They talked about how it's impossible and that they refuse to sit down with anyone that isn't a establishment hack.

If you watched the vid, you heard NO evidence or reason to believe their claim that "it's impossible". As deceitful as the video is, Luke did not cross the line and present to us a lie that he had been turned down in any attempts to appoint an interview with Rand. He surely would not have held back such a claim if it were true. Rand invited Luke to make such an appointment last June. Luke obviously did not take Rand up on the offer. Luke's claim of how it's impossible and that they refuse, is balderdash. Luke is feeding us unfounded bullshit. Rand would probably have squeezed in a sit-down with Luke last June or July. Now? More likely a restraining order. To tell you the TRUTH, I don't think Luke has ever really been more interested in getting an interview than getting a restraining order.