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You can label him however you

You can label him however you want, but you should not so easily dismiss the fact that he stood up against the Patriot Act on the Senate floor.

If you put aside his other positions for just a second, here we find someone sympathetic to reversing this terrible piece of unconstitutional legislation. In this endeavor, we are going to need as much help as we can get and I don't think we should turn it down just because it comes from someone in a party we don't totally agree with. In my judgement, this is what Dr. Paul speaks of when he talks about building coalitions to bring about change.

You obviously have strong belief in your opinions and I respect that, but I think you could convey them in a manner that is not so brash. In my estimation, aggressive posts only serve to isolate us from one another, and polarize the dialouge. Just my two cents though, keep on pursuing liberty.