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An aside, on backronyms

From trying to parse your username, "rftbunny", I had the thought that if the "f" and "t" were swapped, it would be "rtfbunny", or "read the 'fine' bunny" (where 'fine' could be replaced by other four-letter words :).

That was an expression I first heard back in the early 90s, and might have been around earlier, "RTFM" ("M" for "manual").

Then I realized that the Rich Text Format came about several years afterwards, and I wondered, "Was the RTF file extension a backronym made to reference the expression RTFM?" I searched a bit but it was inconclusive, so I figured I'd ask others. And since it was from seeing your username, and I'm still curious as to its origin, I figured I'd post it here. Cheers!

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