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Please Remove My Footprint

...and strike my profile as has been done with a few others who banned themselves.

Yes I went through a season of connecting dots and did so with no malice...only trying to understand the political system in place. There is a time and place for that when it is tolerated...and the spirit in which it is done is understood This is no longer the place and certainly not the time.

I have learned a lot on the DP in the past and am appreciative of the opportunity and my many teachers, all departed. I was sad to wake up and see an article of mine from long ago posted today and commented on by people who weren't around when it was posted in a different atmosphere. Especially disconcerting given that I had recently made a decision to no longer "contribute" to the DP as my thought processes had nothing to offer given I am on some fringe of current SP ideology and intent and can only be perceived as contentious...a "plant"...a "troll."

I still connect dots; however, it is now only for my own edification and not on a public forum. Perhaps, in the past, my dot connecting has been in error at times; however, in leaving, I would like to self-justify by saying that I have always been honest and sincere and am only following my 64 year old gut in seeing flags and asking questions. I pray for a political climate where questions are encouraged even if they go against the grain of majority rule.