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This saying has never made

This saying has never made sense to me. It only makes sense if you actually believe there is a difference between Mitt and Barack. When you look at their stances on the most important issues, the debt, the wars, presidential power and taxes, there is no real disagreement. Romney might be a bit more conservative on taxes, but he is extremely more hawkish on wars, so he clearly isn't serious about cutting spending because he has said over and over he wants to increase military spending. Not to mention, Romney and Obama both have the same campaign contributors. Clearly a Mitt Romney presidency isn't going to change anything. So why get a republican in office who won't take the proper measures to fix things when we can keep a democrat in office who will fundamentally do the same exact things? If Mitt wins, it will ruin chances of getting a real conservative like Rand Paul(or preferably, Ron Paul) in there in 2016. Mitt Romney winning will mean it will be at least 2020 before we have a chance at an actual conservative president.