Comment: This is a response to John Robb, below

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This is a response to John Robb, below

Ok everyone, watch the videos in reverse order. Or in the original order. Or skip back and forth between them for all I care.

I just put them up there for everyone to be able to draw their own conclusions.

FYI... as for Luke "holding back" the original Rand video... you are watching a newer video he made with commentary on Rand's flip-flopping, not the original from years back.

Obviously the order of my videos is a distraction from the real issue. The press's job is to ask hard, real questions of everyone. It's not to play favorites.

For example, someone in the press needs to be asking Ron Paul if he knew Jesse "Judas" Benton planned to become Establishment hero Mitch McConnell's campaign manager.

I admire and respect Ron Paul. He has done more for Liberty than anyone in generations. But that doesn't preclude him from having to answer tough questions. The same goes for Rand.

To say otherwise exposes one as a member of the cults of personality surrounding these men.

Let us not forget Aristotle's quotation regarding his differences with his friend and mentor, Plato:

"Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth."