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Comment: I'm with you 100% Bill Nye! Rock on brotha!

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I'm with you 100% Bill Nye! Rock on brotha!

What has been the most amazing thing for me in the world of politics has been the Ayn Rand disciples or "Objectivists". I've run into many who are not knowledgeable about evolution but nevertheless, go on and on about "the importance of using reason to understand objective reality". I just reply to those who disagree, "Have you bought into one of the 10 ten myths about Evolution? You might want to read this short book and see".


They, like the rest in America today, repeat the accepted bromides and myths about what evolution claims, (which it does not claim at all), and then go about their 'thinking' by explaining why they disagree. I've learned ( I hope ) not to waste my time with these mistaken fools and instead I just point them to a slim small book, all in the hopes that they can read 100 pages.

These non evolutionist "objectivists" just boggles the mind. But then again, these are same fools who take Rand's one appearance on Donahue and her non-answer as an actual position against Palestinians and a position for Israel. Go figure.

And when I do find a fellow atheist, free marketing thinking Paulbot, I like to suggest to them that they might get something new from this book:


and my long time favorite:



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