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Get Involved & Certify The Vote

I started over a year ago registering people as Republicans and helping them get to caucus. I made phone calls into Iowa on caucus day and evening. I was involved in the process all the way to the RNC. It was rewarding to participate.

Now, today, what can one person do? Phone or visit your county clerk and recorder and politely say you would like to help certify the vote. In Colorado, a few days after the election, you will go to their offices and count the paper tickets by hand for a couple days. I thought I knew something and had good ideas about how to change the mechanics of counting. I helped certify the vote a couple years ago, and it opened my eyes. Until a person has participated in their county, they typically can only speculate about fraud in their specific area.

I hear you now saying "yes, but" and I understand. My response is that until you participate, you can only speculate about your area.

I also like to watch this video. BHTM usually plays Red Rocks in the spring.
Nothin' stays if it's gotta go now.
You can't get water from a stone now.
Sometimes you've got to think about
The things you're gonna love. ...
It's alright if you just wanna go home.
I understand.