Comment: "Please stay dependent on OIL!"

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"Please stay dependent on OIL!"

Every POTUS since Jimmy Carter has been promising "energy independence" for the United States. So why are America's vital national interests STILL centered on the oil fields in the Middle East 40 years later?

The answer is because that is the way the political establishment wants it.

Without our dependence on oil there would not be anywhere near the support we have for our interventionist foreign policies and endless wars.

The Petro Dollar has been a curse for the American people. It has destroyed our manufacturing economy, making us almost completely dependent on imported goods. It has seduced us into allowing the federal government and the Federal Reserve System to bankrupt our nation and destroy our currency.

The mantra of "Drill Baby Drill" and "encouraging" reports of increased domestic oil production appeal to our nationalism but leave us enslaved to an economy based on fossil fuels in general and oil in particular. Even if we doubled our oil production we would still be dependent on the global economy for our energy and at the mercy of the international trade and environmental organizations that threaten our sovereignty.

On the other hand, if Americans became "panicked" enough about the very REAL energy crisis, we might just stumble across a solution that would truly make us energy independent, like Thorium liquid salt breeder reactors.

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