Comment: I didn't hear them directly implicate Rand in her harassment.

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I didn't hear them directly implicate Rand in her harassment.

Did anybody else?

This is a case where some truly courageous reporters are perhaps letting their emotions get the better of their reason.

The "reason"? Rand's voting record is factual, it is reason.

You can't escape the fact that as near as I can tell Rand is voting 100% in line with what YOU constitutional conservatives would support. In other words, Rand is almost in perfect harmony, VOTING RECORD WISE, with his father.

I think the WAC folks are not thinking about WHY Rand may not want to get involved with unmasking their true feelings about the Bilderburgs publicly.

So let me explain it as I see it.

Both Rand AND Ron know that it's unwise (political suicide) to come out swinging against the Bilderburgs. There are too many dumbed down Americans for this to be an effective strategy. Ron Paul eschewed this strategy, DID HE NOT?????

So if Ron Paul didn't aggressively attack the Rothchilds of the world, there must be a REASON.

Obviously Rand knows that the New World Order leadership is the Bilderburgs/Illumnati, etc. But he and his father have chosen to fight them by putting forth bills like Audit the Fed. THAT is their strategy.

But please don't mistake refusal to talk about it publicly with a mic in front of them with them not knowing and understanding everything WAC does.

Rand has been around the block.

Keep in mind that the last Congressman to come out swinging against the ruling Elite, Congressman Larry McDonald, ended up DEAD. The last president who challenged them ended up with an assassination attempt on his life (Reagan), and the before then the last one outright went to war with them (Kennedy, when he sought to bring troops home from Vietnam and supposedly begin the process stripping the Fed of its power).

In a private moment with Rand, he would tell you off the record, he knows the power structure.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford