Comment: Our government would probably push back

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Our government would probably push back

That's a little too close to home, Diebold (or whatever they're called now after their countless disgraces) is a best bud contractor of our government even though they're a bunch of total fuckups. Remember a few years ago when Diebold literally gave up the master key to most of the voting machines in the country by posting a picture of said key on their web shop? True story.. someone had made a copy of the key based on that picture within days.

But do you think our corrupt government would fire these idiots? Of course not, they're in it for good. Nowadays contractors ARE the government. There's no clear line where one begins and the other ends. The only difference is that, on paper, government agencies are liable for their failure or malfeasance. Be it blackwater or diebold, contractors are completely immune.