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My first thought

My first thought is this: The phrase "If you don't vote, don't complain." is sort of meant to guilt people into voting, right? Well, if they have to be guilted into voting, chances are they aren't informed or don't have a solid opinion yet anyway. So it's not necessarily a good thing to throw around. I'd rather have people not voting than picking random people out of a sense of obligation. In other words, I'd rather let someone run their mouth with their right of free speech than for them to do that AND vote without knowing the issues and candidates.

And abstaining from voting for a certain position (or completely) because it best suits your views, is admirable. Personally I voted for Johnson (reason being, I'd like to give the LP party some percentage since writing in Paul would not count in my state), but like you I would have preferred Ron Paul.

Whether you vote for Paul, Johnson, or abstain, you're bucking the system... every bit helps.