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It's stuff like this...

All known forms of life are based on DNA and DNA evolves. All known forms of life evolve. Humans have even been exploiting this fact for thousands of years. It's why we have crops and domesticated animals. Evolution explains why sex exists. It also explains why in most species there are only two sexes.

The theory of evolution doesn't actually address the issue of how life began. Evolution clearly rules out the possibility that complex life such as ourselves was designed as is, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that DNA wasn't designed by some other life form nor does it rule out the possibility that we can design a life form.

If DNA was designed, it begs the question, who designed the designer or was the designer created by an evolutionary process?

But that's just my opinion. I don't get to force it on other people's children, nor do I have the right to claim that other people's children and their beliefs belong to me.