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drinking early today I see. You're already in drunken paranoid drama queen manipulative mode and it's barely 4 o'clock.
The bigger question is why are you allowed to remain here when I see you doing all of the things you list in your OP? For every couple of decent things you drag up here, you post 10 divisive flame war instigating threads filled with baseless accusations and insults of those who dare to disagree. It completely dominates the discussion here and drives people away. I know I'm certainly becoming less interested because of it.

Another question is why did you vote down MN's "Hurricane Sandy Open Thread?" What POSSIBLE reason could you have to vote THAT thread down Mr."Love is the only bridge?" (don't bother changing it because I already got a screen grab)
Could it be that you were jealous that it was ABOVE your post in the DP originals list? I think so.
It just shows that all you've ever cared about is center stage, and you will backstab if need be.

You can see in my voting record that I haven't voted down any of your posts in the last several months. Hell, I even began to disregard your drunken gibberish "poetry" threads. Yet you still vote down anything I post. (Even the Ron Paul Autographed Wheaties Box fundraiser thread)

What you are doing now is called "projecting." The REAL question you posed, should be about you, not everyone else.