Comment: Thank Goodness

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Thank Goodness

I saw this coming a few years ago. This country is tired of paying the cost of instability, tariffs, and transportation of OPEC oil. The only thing OPEC oil has going for it is that most of Western Europe enjoys being enslaved to energy imports....since they still view the environmentard book "Silent Spring" as a valid prophecy. Our increasingly sovereign country is nearly done with the backward Middle East. We have at least 95+ years worth of proven natural gas reserves if even if we replace every coal power plant, semi truck, and nuclear plant. And best of all its usually cheaper. And think about the JOBSSS.

Even in most of europe, Natural Gas is being revisited as the cheap, efficient, and clean energy of the future.

Natural Gas, Geothermal, and Oil is the future for at least the next 20 years. All we need is a few more pipelines to decrease transportation costs and this country will have a cheap, domestic resource that would definitely fuel a recovery. And think of all the roads and bridges that would be fixed thanks to the drastic increase in tax revenue.

Thanks OP for posting this.