Comment: I often forget that there are

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I often forget that there are

I often forget that there are actually people out there who deny evolution. To me this is like denying that ice is cold. Evolution is overwhelmingly supported. No person who has half a brain would deny microevolution (evolution on the species level). We observe microevolution on a daily basis. Species DO change in response to environmental changes. Look up “soapberry bug beak length” for a good example of microevolution in modern times. Macroevolution is a little trickier and requires the application of not just natural selection, but also gene flow, drift, mutation, etc. I can understand why someone who lacks a scientific background, or has a low IQ, would have a hard time grasping macroevolution, because it is a little more complex (nothing a good book can’t cure). But you people who deny evolution as a whole either lack an understanding of the basic sciences, or are just delusional. I like to think that it is just a misunderstanding of basic science… This is quite evident when you read comments about man evolving from the ape. No one in science (that I know of) has ever claimed that man evolved from monkeys. There is, however, support for the theory that man and ape diverged from a common ancestor. You guys are arguing against scientific principles that are overwhelmingly supported. I would love to learn that I get to see grandma and grandpa again one day, and that I don’t have to worry about death, and that my life has a defined purpose, etc. But these concepts represent a delusional fairy tale.

an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government