Comment: Its too bad Ron Paul said .....

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Its too bad Ron Paul said .....

..."I just don't think we're at the point where anybody has absolute proof on either side."

Well, dear good doctor Paul, we are actually there. The score is:

Theist 0
Atheist 1

The theist side has produced zero proof of a deity or deities. It has nothing but belief.

Meanwhile evolutionary science has all the facts and reasoning on its side. The atheist have offered up Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Micro & Macro Biology as well as the theory of Natural Selection (evolutionary science) as the fullest explanation of all the facts that we have and how life and we all came to be.

So to say that nobody has absolute proof on either side, is not correct. Theist have submitted zero proof of gawd's existence. Zero, nada, zilch. Most of all, since there is no way to "prove a negative", those who make the claim of gawd's existence must to prove its existence.

If science must at this time and place draw a line in the sand, close the book, and make a proclamation, it clearly makes the statement: "Sorry, no evidence".

Theist 0
Atheist 1

Now the much more interesting question is, given that gawd does not exist, nor do any other deities, why has Mankind consistently believed in such things. For that, I would love to discuss.


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