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Vote or Don't Vote, that is the Answer

Voting is not a Right. Voting is a Privilege that is acquired when one reaches the age of 18 in the USA. It only takes reaching the age of 18, no matter how dependent one is upon their Parents and/or Gov't so we should not expect much to be made of this 'Privilege'.

I joined the Libertarian Party to enable myself to more aptly meet others seeking Independence in a non-forceful way.

It is far worse form to simply accept the behavior than to complain about it. At least one's neighbor might get off their arse to do something about it.

Vote or don't vote, at least keep complaining. If a great deal of us expect a fiscal and limited gov't, we're more like to get it. Invite your Libertarian Leaning Democrat and/or Republican friends to look at the Libertarian Party.