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That's interesting

Macro is difficult because of the "leaps" that are shown in the fossil record. I understand that within the scientific community there is a debate regarding macro evolution, between "gradualists" and "punctualists." All of course accept evolution, but have disagreements in the details.

"and that my life has a defined purpose, etc. But these concepts represent a delusional fairy tale."

I have to scratch my head at this one. Haven't you found enough purpose in life to justify the time you've taken to make your point on this thread?

I think you're deluding yourself if you believe you that a "defined purpose" is a fairy tale.

The fairy tale is that you exist. If you take atheism to its logical end, you should accept that everything you say and do will ultimately be forgotten. The world you inhabit looks more like a dream. What value do dreams have? Isn't your life, in this Godless universe, a fairy tale?