Comment: Mr. Nye Represents The Elitist/Atheistic Viewpoint That

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Mr. Nye Represents The Elitist/Atheistic Viewpoint That

Chrisitans are definetly opposed to. Why is teaching kids about the difference between creationism vs.evolution is a bad thing? How could anyone know that there isn't a higher power with conscience and intelligence? Why do I have to believe in gradualistic evolution versus evolution in conjunction with more sudden climate change or catastrophies being the reason for what we see and what animals and life survive to this day? What equation proves there is not an existence with greater knowledge, scale and power that we are not aware of due to the physical and dimensional constraints of the world we live in? Don't buy the Nye elistic, look-down-on Chrisitans BS, he is no more authority on the origins of the universe than an invalid - also Chrisitians can be great engineers and scientists. My advice is to keep the faith and dream big and keep learning. I would love to debate this guy.