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Ummm dude

Japan imports all of its oil, and it uses quite alot. AS for their electricity, they had nuclear....but now they are giving up that. Thus they will need to import more oil,gas, or coal. There is nothing that can even compare to these resources. European countries have been subsidizing wind and solar since the 70s....yet even after all that subsidies, less than 10% of their energy originates from those "green" resources. You supposedly want Biofuels? That inefficient, wasteful, and failed fuel that is just the non-fossilized version of oil? Come on dude.. And dont forget that bio fuels take up agricultural land. Thorium? Fusion? Fission? Expensive and dangerous.

Natural Gas is now and is here to stay.

And please stop with this "sustainability" BS. It is central planner doublespeak, and I say that as a devoted conservationist.

Then again, when you speak so highly of "the country" it seems that you already believe in central government. This used to be a libertarian site.