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Did anyone see that final post debate

poll of CNN that someone kindly posted to the Daily Paul? It said those polled would vote: 24% for Obama, 25% Romney and 1% undecided and 50% for NEITHER!!!!!!!!

Hee, hee. Now if those 50% would vote 3rd party or write in Ron Paul depending on their state, that would shake things up a bit, now, wouldn't it? Ooohh, that would be FUN!!

Yes, I agree, I wish people would get informed on the candidates before they go in to vote. They do our country no service by blindly pulling the trigger on straight party. In fact, in our brief research of the Candidates here in Wisconsin, I was thrilled to find Consitutionalists running as Independents and Libertarians to fight against Establishment Republicans & Democrats for Senate and House of Representatives - (Yeah, Keith Deschler against Paul Ryan - I hope he creams Ryan, although it would take a miracle!!!)