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I have a copy

If you want to start a topic on that book I can go through it page for page and show you where it is self contradictory.

I'd actually like to do that, having not revisited it in awhile, but there are so many more things pending, and on my end of our discussions we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of Product 1 and Product 2.

I have pointed you to that Topic, but it is entirely without interest to anyone, so far, except me - which is really weird from my viewpoint.

The Caterpillar has the raised drive unit so it is not an H model. I don't know why the ones I operated were D9L or D10N, which had the raised drive unit. An H model, as far as I know, had all the wheels in a horizontal line, without a driving unit raised up.

I spent a little bit of time on a D8H, and that is an interesting story to me, since the Boss at the time was testing me, to see if I could measure up on a berm building expedition, so I found myself showing off.

The real test, as far as I know, involves making a smooth grade, a road you can haul butt on after you cut it, a road that the Grader doesn't have much work to do after you cut it.