Comment: It's obvious that I've hurt

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It's obvious that I've hurt

It's obvious that I've hurt your feelings and I apologize. This thread may not be suitable for those who are overly sensitive. I've never stated that there is no God. From a scientific perspective, the question of God's existence cannot be answered. I obviously don't believe in a god the same way that you do, but I don't deny god. AND I don't hate myself or anyone for that matter... I spent 4 years studying evolution, and I think it is a beautiful thing. I get really frustrated when people stomp on something that I am passionate about and base their argument on a single book of relatively unknown origins (genesis), and one which cannot be confirmed. I feel obligated to defend the works of my predecessors. Aside from that, I am a very nice person :)

an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government