Comment: I'm also a realists.... I

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I'm also a realists.... I

I'm also a realist.... I could hide in the woods, grow my own food, hunt, be self sufficient... not pay taxes and just travel or find somewhere to squat, it'd be true freedom. Unfortunately, I take the threat of violence and imprisonment seriously from the thugs who "protect" us.

I want to own a business, a home, and be apart of society... which is why I dont think detaching is the answer. Sure, break down... reconvene, and build smaller communities and work only more local levels, whatever, but it needs to done in the open because whats right shouldn't be hidden. It shouldn't be a hide and seek game

Truth is a powerful thing and more and more people are opening their eyes everyday, especially in younger generations. We need to transform the mainstream against the powers at be publicly. Illustrate truth vs lies.... its happening probably faster than we all know

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...