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Comment: Third World Government? Third World Democracy?

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Third World Government? Third World Democracy?

Guess he's never heard the term "Don't Mess With Texas!"

So I guess our legal system for dealing with such voting issues on our own is non existent and we are no longer a sovereign Republic able to handle our own democratic affairs without UN observers, just like most Third World Democracies?

Why not just reform the voting process by revoking e-voting machines and returning to paper trails and abolishing the arcane electoral college? We vote for everything else by popular vote, why not the Presidency? There's no controversy.

The majority of Americans would not rule in favor of a corporation suing to have it's popular vote-flipping machines reinstated. Seems less controversial than Congress voting, and President signing into Law, the abolishing of the Fourth and Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution with NDAA 2012. All this while helping jihadist elements to overthrow their dictators in Libya and Syria?

Why are sworn U.S. enemies getting all our freedoms?

When you see scores of videos on YouTube of criminal RINOs trying to suppress Republicans from voting why not use the FBI for what it was intended – investigating and prosecuting such criminal activity?

But of course a third world leadership would ignore such criminal activity while it was happening because it only benefits them politically and monetarily to do so.

If Americans still believed the narrative government and mainstream news was still selling them government wouldn't have such low approval ratings.

The jig is up! The game has changed.