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They're not typing "in opposition" they are typing THEIR opinion

Granger is certainly entitled to an opinion, but so is everyone else.
I have been here since November 2007 - I started with a different username. I sat on the county and state central committees, went to the RNC as a Ron Paul bound delegate only to be stabbed in the back by Ron's campaign staff.
I did not "give up" I grew up - I realized that the entire process is corrupt, right from the notion that one man or a set of men do not deserve to rule other men, no matter how many people vote for them. I realized that my liberty is up to me, I have all the rights I have the nerve to claim, and lose all the rights I voluntarily surrender to (corrupt) authorities.
The funny thing is I have noticed how many "old timers" have come to similar conclusions and I suspect that after you and Granger beat your head against the brick wall known as "The GOP" for a while, you will come around to our way of thinking.
Here's the thing - I refuse to let anyone, including you, Granger or even Ron Paul, make moral or healthcare decisions for me and I want no part of forcing my choices on others. "Neither a borrower nor a lender be...." It applies to "Neither a politician nor a voter be" too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.