Comment: Drug Dealers Saving the Economy

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Drug Dealers Saving the Economy

Changing the drug laws could actually help save the economy. Tax the drugs, cut down on medical costs by treating addicts, employ more medical clinicians to do so, entrepreneurs can start their own legal grow houses and shops, drastically cut down on law enforcement expenses by ending the war on drugs, drastically cut down on court costs, drastically cut down on prison costs, allow people to try alternative drugs that are cheaper and more effective than prescription drugs (with fewer side effects), and make it harder for kids to get drugs. Every high school and college kid knows its easier to buy marijuana than beer. That could change with an end to prohibition. You wouldn't have to lay off a single police officer. You'd just shift their focus to violent offenses and property damage. There would be a whole lot fewer officers being harmed in drug-related arrests because there would be no drug-related arrests.