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I am interested in Product 1 and 2

I am interested in Product 1 and 2. I asked to be your first customer. I would like a 1% mortgage loan and I would also like a loan to apply towards energy independence and perhaps energy surplus. We don't need to talk about that book. I was just looking at Misus because it was their 30th anniversary and Ron Paul had a clip and somehow I saw that book and wondered if you had read it. I should know better. I haven't and am not going to.

Josf, I haven't been a good discussion partner lately. I am sorry. I feel badly about it and sad. That does not mean you need to say you are sorry just because I have said it. You have nothing to be sorry for as far as I can see. I am throwing mine out there so if you will accept it I can have a do over. Or if you think my competitiveness has run its course I can understand that as well. It is not my goal to waste your time. I know you have important work to accomplish. You spent your time giving me well thought out comments and questions and I did not apply myself to understand.

If you want to discuss Product 1 and 2 I will try to do that and remain focused, or if you want me to take the test you offered I will do that if you will help me get started. Or if you are still interested in Speer’s work I will report on my next 10 pages. Or if you would like me to leave you alone to your work I will do that. I would like to do what seems best to you at this point in time, I just need some direction. Just cut a smooth path so this grader knows where to go.

Or maybe you can haul butt so fast on your smooth paths that this grader cannot keep up? And in that case maybe a cat is needed. Maybe I am not a grader at all, but a hiker looking at all the scenery and rocks cast aside? I can sit and look at rocks for hours and fill my pockets and the back of the van with them to take home to add to my collection. I am a detail person. I get hung up on a single rock or if there are too many of them I want to pick them all up and take them with me. Jeff takes a glance at a rock and he has seen it and understands it. Sure he will haul it for me, even load his pockets, but I want to turn it over and look at it and admire the intricate patterns and defects and wonder about each one.

You have explored the landscape of liberty for years now, I have just begun. I got lost in that landscape this weekend, and I must not do that again. Jeff spoke to me of the blogasphere black hole…I didn’t know one existed.

Thank you for helping me out of the closed loop, now I must stay out of the black hole.

That town, League City, on that Cat Tree Moving video is where Jeff and I lived in Texas before moving to Missouri.

I caught Jeff reading his Boyd book last night. He was at the end of the book. He reads books out of order...skipping to parts that interest him. I read every page in order. He was interested in the Desert Storm part last night so he took the liberty to skip to the back of the book. I teased him of course.

We are all different.