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You can say whatever you want, but I've never seen more liberty minded people, and I don't mean just at the daily paul. We're kicking ass in all the ways that matter. This has to be from the bottom up or it's a total waste of time.

Of course, there are going to be people that come here and try to run us down, to divide us, but the core message needs to be defended, and if it can't be defended here, it can't be anywhere.

I have no qualms about fighting with Anarchists and Atheists who run people down. If that's what means we're "divided", then so be it. For every guy screaming you're a statist and a sheep, we gain 10 who know better.

We Libertarians may be the only people they'll listen to, and they're standing next to us with a black flag screaming "I'm an enemy of the state", "you're all a bunch of sheep". If somebody doesn't "fight" them, they'll take down any chance the liberty movement had.

Some will call that divided, I call that unifying behind what matters.