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You've seen too many shrinks.

The victims of an oppressive regime that was in place before they were born are hardly to be blamed for their children being born under a repressive regime.
We fail our children in the present if we allow them to believe this tripe. "Blame your parents" is a money making machine for psychology. My mother was Virginia, not the Virgin Mary and Dad was awesome, but not God. It is far more important that I FORGIVE my parents than that I blame them for the world they were born into (and therefore left me.) It is equally important that we teach our children to accept responsibility for their own lives, and not waste one minute blaming anyone for their situation. We are all slaves; blaming one set of slaves for being older, slightly richer, much poorer, black, white, Mexican,, etc - it serves the tactic of "Divide and Conquer." That is the tactic of one side of this battle. The other side of that battle is where truth and justice stand united in a sea of imperfectly diverse humans.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.