Comment: Bombing Iran could start World War III

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Bombing Iran could start World War III

Mike Rogers has been in U.S. Congress since 2001 and supported the Invassion of Iraq under false pretences. In 2010 he won reelection with 64% of the vote and became the Chair of the Congressional Intellegence committee thus overseeing the secret operations of the federal government. His News Letters have informed me that he advised Obama to invade Libya and Seryia, (afterall it is in America's best interests). What ever happened to the need to show an eminent and immediate threat before such actions could be taken?
Rogers seat is being challenged by the same big government Democrat that ran against him in 2010 who is not likely to win. However for 2012 we have a real "Liberty Candidate" running for this seat who will work to stop these interventions, bring the troops home, downsize the federal government, and restore individual rights. That would be Libertarian Candidate,
"Dan Goebel".

Watch the Demolition of WTC Building #7 at and begin to connect the dots!