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Don't take this as adversarial... just a different perspective

Not voting does not mean you do not consent. In my experience, not voting is more a sign of people who don't care enough to take the time to inform themselves about the candidates and take the time to go to the polls. My parents are examples. That and those who are resigned to their fates. And there are 10's of millions of them.

If you don't vote you will still be governed. Regulations will still be made that impair your liberty or prosperity, or both. You'll still be forced to pay taxes. You'll still be required to obey the laws of the land or risk punishment. You'll still have live and work amongst all the others who are similarly governed.

If you don't want to be governed, then not voting is about the least effective thing you can do to make that happen. A lack of vote is the same as giving in... giving up... admitting that you have no control and accepting your destiny however it may fall based on whatever TPTB decide to do.

If you want changes to the gov't leadership, want a reformed gov't, want an entirely different kind of gov't, want no gov't... there are things people can do to make that happen. But not voting isn't even in the top 10 I think.

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