Comment: The communist agenda wants to take children

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The communist agenda wants to take children

from their parents at a very young age and shape them into people who worship the state and live only to provide and work for the state, the COLLECTIVE. The communist state wants to make our children into zombies that OBEY, work, never question, and never think, like worker bees in the COLLECTIVE hive, or slaves.

Good luck with the new upcoming rebellious generation who are more highly evolved than these old fools who are trying to rule the world with their STALE OLD IDEAS, their need for power, control, and wealth.

Watch out for the system-busters who are coming into the world to bust up this old system and bring in what is honest, fair, spiritual, beyond ego and beyond the old money energy system. Ron Paul is a forerunner of the system busters, and so are most of us, and our children.

This song is meant to turn CHILDREN AGAINST THEIR PARENTS and GLORIFY GOVERNMENT AS THEIR SAVIOR. This is such PROPAGANDA and TRANSPARENT MANIPULATION of the minds of children! Make our children like Hitler's children? It also speaks against CONGRESS because Obama would like to get RID of congress and rule by dictator executive orders, as he is doing NOW. Romney to follow. Same song, second verse.