Comment: Ben Swann needs to go to work for RT

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Ben Swann needs to go to work for RT

"Everyone" in the know is watching RT for truthiness. The lovely Alyona defected or was pushed out to go work for Huffington. But they have Lauren Lyster (Capitol Account show), who can argue (and do incredible interviews on) hard money, banksterism and Ron Paul's economics better than most people I have been discussing these things with for over 50 years, apparently off the top of her head, perhaps even without prompts. Never mind that she is stunningly beautiful. Ben, no sight to make eyes sore, would fit right in with these folks. The Ben and Laura Show would be a nice offset to the terrifying twosome of Max and Stacey.
If I were in the bumper sticker business I would print up a few thousand DEMAND RT! DEMAND LIBERTY! In the Houston area only Dish carries it, but I noticed their new promotional packages do not mention it.
If the internet is controlled, all this will disappear. Shortwave may still be the only uncontrollable worldwide net.

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker