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The voice of reason

I appreciate the competition because that it what you bring to the table. To me the voice of reason, made by man, is not the absolute truth, often enough, to suggest a word of caution. What do you caution against? Reason, it turns out, is the result of actions, driven by willpower, so who is to say which is better in any case?

Example 1:

Never question any supposed authority.
Never recognize any authority.

Example 2:

One living, willful, and therefore responsible, and therefore accountable, entity dictates every thought and every action that will be thought and acted by every other living entity in the infinity of time and space.

No one is ever responsible and no one is ever held to account.

The point of the examples is to point out the possibility that another point of view may be demanded when the established points of view are not working very well at this moment.

To be outside of the closed loops, where there are, obviously, and accurately measured to be, false choices, is a whole world more competitive than to be stuck inside those Business Psychos.

You, to me, linked information that actually lent support to Andrews history lesson, as the Step taken by Martin Luther was merely a step along the way, from what was to that which is becoming what it is in time.

The same general movement of STUFF is exemplified with this Internet phenomenon. When information could be bottled up, and made scarce to the majority of people there was, then, something that could be called LEVERAGE, held by those who had that information bottled up.

I illustrated that once with the concept of a killer virus, where one person invents both the virus and the cure, but excuse please my new way of reporting this same illustration.

The new virus spreads over one continent in one day, killing everyone, so there are a few days left before everyone on the planet is killed.

The cure, in the old days, could travel by horse. Call the virus The British.

The British are coming, The British are coming!

Here take the cure.

Thank God for horses?

No, wait, the cure is not a "not for profit" thing for "public consumption, so...

How much is the going rate for the cure these days?

Carl Miller doesn't charge anything, not charged to me, I have access to the youtube Television Channel.

How about Jesse Ventura, or Alex Jones?

Less cost to get the information?

No cost?

Public access?

If the fuel for the disease is diseases human minds, called criminals, and the spark that ignites the plague is one criminal making one crime legal, followed by two, then four, then 16, then how long before human kind dies from that plague?

How much in demand is the cure, when the victims are holding onto the false belief in applying the disease as a means of curing the disease?

So the cure has to be at least that moment in time when a person knows better than to provide the means by which we suffer, spoken so clearly by the Socialist Democrat Liberal Thomas Paine when he invented, produced, published, and distributed his work title Common Sense AT COST, or below.

So the Austrian Economics Conservative Capitalist Republican Christians, or whatever, can't listen to me, because?

Because words which once were synonyms for good are now connected to criminals with badges, criminals who torture, mass murder, for fun and profit, well, the connection (which is false) destroys any authority concerning what I have to say, which disconnects anyone so disposed from the information offered, willfully, purposefully, rejecting, with prejudgement or WITH PREJUDICE.

Carl Miller suggests something worth considering.

Without Prejudice.

The blogasphere black hole is an interesting comment and here again the main principles between Monopoly and Competition are brought into view, with one qualification that is often glossed over, missed, ignored, or otherwise left firmly in the dark.

As such (in detail):

True Competition
True Monopoly

False Competition
False Monopoly

Take the question of authority over the facts for example.

We two can share, with others who are similarly electing ourselves as a competitive authority over the facts, that God exists, at least in a form that conceptualizes Absolute True Factual Authority Monopoly, where the buck stops every time.

That is a true example of a monopoly, one that we can see, because we give ourselves the authority to see it, God willing.

The Devil, another concept, shared by many, including me, is a True Competitor to God, in the sense that factual knowledge