Comment: "They actively teach Secular

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"They actively teach Secular

"They actively teach Secular Humanism."

funny, i literally never heard the term in ANY of my schools. in fact, every single teacher in high school did everything they could to avoid discussing religion, ethics or philosophy because the kids were absolutely incapable of having a civil discussion. even in college, couldn't handle it. far too immature. embarrassingly so.

"According to the District Court ruling in the 1960s that invented the term "separation of Church and State", that same court ruled that Secular Humanism was formally recognized by the US Government as a religion."

so what did they mean by, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...." help me out here. no clue what you're talking about.

"The bad guys know very well that moving people away from a religions that recognize a non-secular (or divine) creator moves them off of their intransigence regarding assertions of their "God-given" rights."

first, WHO are the bad guys? people that don't happen to fall under the same opinion as yourself? probably. the belief that human beings are capable of morality without religion is not antithetical to natural rights.

"So, it serves the state to educate youngsters on Secular Humanism. It's why Communist China does it. It's why the Soviet Union did it. It's why East Germany did it."

trying to make responsible atheism, agnosticism or secular humanism for the crimes of dictators is inane. i think you're using it as a tool to demonize those with different opinions. it's unnecessary.