Comment: Government as per the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights is a

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Government as per the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights is a

distant memory for older folks and, obviously, younger folks haven't a clue as to what that might entail, overall. How bad is it? The Constitution mandates for free and fair elections and that doesn't happen. Not even close. The public conscience cares not for freedom, but for a free cookie jar, instead, and that's what elections have become. Gimmee elections. "I got $200 and a cell phone from Obomba." Or, "Mitt's gonna give me a job. He said so." Pathetic.

Get this everybody. Vote for me and you'll be able to go to the nearest mansion and move in, for free. You'll be able to pick any vehicle, boat, plane or train, and go to wherever your little heart desires, for free. If you so choose, you can even operate your choice of transportation. You will have anything you want, for free. Food, clothing, spas, golf clubs and golf balls, play anywhere, even Augusta National, or, at Pebble Beach. Hell, just move into one of those razzle, dazzle abodes which adorns the golf course and enjoy that pristine Pacific Ocean horizon, everyday for as long as you want, for free. When that becomes a bore, you and your biker babe can choose to jump on a Harley, ride it to Sturgis, partake of all that is offered, there, and, if you so choose, you can have a bar and restaurant there for the purpose of treating your new found friends at the annual Sturgis, motorcycle gala, for free. Yes, vote for me, and I assure you, you can have it all. Afterall, who's gonna stop us? The President of the U.S. has the power of the pen, an army of body guards who relish their job security and an entire military of millions and millions of extremely well armed soldiers and sailors who are at his beckoning command. Piece of cake. So, what ya gonna vote for? Hamburger or caviar? A cell phone or a phone company. A job or no job with the world in the palm of your hand. Vote for me, because there's more than change you can believe in. You've got the whole damn bank at your disposal. I guarantee it.

Remember, for 2012, "write in" KW for President.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you cast a vote for me, and I win, a crisp, new one million dollar bill will be for the gettin' when you present your voter printout to the U.S. Sec. of the Treasury, my good buddy, Pal Fenster. Please allow for two weeks delivery time after the Secretary's receipt of your notification. Bet your bottom dollar, we don't deal in $200 chicken feed here.

This is one of those 'careful what you ask for' messages.