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Keep in mind people

I NEVER said FOR SURE that dinosaurs, or similar creatures never existed, I only said "there is much to question". I am only questioning the "official line" on this, just as I question the official line about 9/11 and just about everything else. You know how the MSM creates its own history by burying real history. The dinosaur thing is pushed on us night and day and has been for 100+ years - now we have Barney, Land of the Lost, Jurrasic Park, etc. etc. - need I remind you once again who owns the media and what their agenda is. I feel like a 9/11 truther at a neocon convention the way I'm getting attacked over this.

Some of you may have a personal stake in the industry - I don't know - but there is no need to go into meme-control overdrive over my personal views - as if the entire dinosaur story is going to crumble to bits because of one person questioning it.