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Comment: The unmistakable reality

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The unmistakable reality

is that the same media that lies to us everyday, that hides the truth while pushing their made-up version of truth, that belittles Ron Paul and anyone who thinks like him and looks the other way while the world around us goes to s$$T are the very same people that push global warming, evolution and never miss an opportunity to discredit the God of the Bible. Now you tell me why that is? These people that lie to us about everything else that matters just wants to make sure that when it comes to God and evolution that we know the real truth. Their lying about all of the other garbage that they push, but somehow when it comes to God and evolution they just want us all to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth...Really?? If you buy that, I have a house in lower manhattan I would like to sell you right now....

Do not forget that the very same elite that are behind the scenes pulling all of the strings who's endgame is to enslave us and destroy us are the very same people who have sought to discredit God and remove Him from every vestige of society. I guess that somehow, in just this one area, they really just want to enlighten us and save us from our fairytales. Why don't you mull that one over a while and offer a plausible explanation for it.