Comment: So its ok on your side, but not on the other?

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So its ok on your side, but not on the other?

You have been blinded to not see your side as doing exactly this but you can't even see that there is NO coordinated effort on behalf of science toward any beliefs. Science predominantly teaches people how to use tools. Those tool are then used individually to investigate science by themselves. This is called lab work. It's why scientists take offense to being told they follow anyone else's beliefs... because they did the experiments themselves.

Keep in mind one important point. That raw science has no agenda does NOT mean that others don't take good and/or bad science data and use that in conjunction with an agenda. Two very different things.

Your Newton post was way too far out there to even justify a response. Sorry, not buying it without lots of documentation. On top of that, his religion has zero to do with the maths proofs he gave the world. They have been proven (even by me) millions of times each year by nearly every hard scientist out there. Same goes for his physics.