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Please explain further

your comment "They want a religious society so people are easier to pursuade. So they lie"... Did you actually read what I wrote? The media and entertainment in general today do NOT push a religious society at all, quite the opposite is true, in fact. They push evolution every single chance they get and discredit the God of the Bible and make a mockery of religion every chance they get. I agree with you that they do lie; however, the lie they are preaching over and over again is evolution is a fact and God has no place in society.

The point of my comment is that the media of today seldom tell the truth about anything and most people on this site accept that as fact, yet they believe that evolution is fact when it is something the "untrustworthy" media pushes down our throats almost every chance they get. Why would they be telling the truth on this particular subject and no where else? If religion is used to control the masses as so many atheists claim, why are the elite behind the destruction of society doing everything they can to thwart it?