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No pudwhacker..

I said there were NO GUARANTEES.. that means we MIGHT <------ see that word.. Look it up..

Putting words into peoples mouth is the work of a coward. That would be you. And like a jerkoff you keep passing over your hypocritical stances.. You said we should use government as little as possible.. by YOUR ADMISSION we should then use government but like a true moron, you're here trying to defend your position as if it still has legs.

Number 2? My points stand and your too intellectual dishonest to admit it to a boorish thug that you're flat ass wrong lol.

The States have the power to do this and if we didn't go to the necessary evil what good would they be? We might as well just get rid of all governments right? Ahh I can see it now.. You are probably gonna swoon with joy over the idea that we might have no government whatsoever. Even the Founders thought that government was needed. They laid it out in that States powers just like this.

Sure he suggested other ways but what do you think Letters of Marque and Reprisal are... love notes? He has said many times that congress should declare war.... should congress now not do what it's supposed to do based on the authority given it by the people?

Dude your arguments are sad and shortsighted. In your own mind you think you're making sense but there are so many holes in what you're saying, it could be mistaken for a sift.

You're actually railing against an action that's well within the confines of the Constitution lol.

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