Comment: And then Dr. Paul got back into the Republican party again

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And then Dr. Paul got back into the Republican party again

Because he knew full well he had to play the game to make a difference. Dr. Rand Paul might have a slightly different style than Dr. Ron Paul, but they aren't as different as people are making it seem.

Rand is a spitting image of Ron. Ron went decided to become a physician. He went to Duke Medical School. Rand chose the same profession as his father. Rand went to Duke Medical School. Ron went into politics. Rand followed him into politics. They have 99.5% identical political beliefs.

Rand certainly has a pretty good reason to think he can win the game. As a Senator and one of the most powerful people in the country, he is certainly off to a hell of a start. Look at the compilation of the Senate. Most of them are a bunch of jackasses. Rand sees this and he knows where he stands. He is going to run for president and he is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

I have no doubt he thinks Romney is a douche, but he probably also figures that Romney is more likely to sign his bills than Obama. A Republican Congress, a Republican Senate, and a Republican president gives Rand more influence. He has only been in office for 2 years, remember. The other freshman Senators aren't doing much. It takes time to takeover the old guard.

Also, of course I used Ron Paul as an example against you. You said what I considered to be a hypocritical thing.