Comment: "Ron Paul was too much liberty for me?"

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"Ron Paul was too much liberty for me?"

You're a close-minded, intolerant jackass and you don't know my political beliefs. I am about as anarcho-capitalist as they come.

Ron Paul's SON, RAND PAUL, is not an "enemy of liberty." Not every issue is black and white. It is debatable if trade sanctions are an "act of war." Governments have enacted sanctions against other countries many, many times and it never escalated to combat. Do I agree with economic sanctions? No. But they are certainly far superior to ACTUAL WAR WITH IRAN, which Rand has been very outspoken against.

Thomas Jefferson used embargos. Was he an enemy of liberty because of this? If Thomas Jefferson was alive today, I would unquestionably support him.

Also, Ron Paul voted for war against al-Qaeda. Is he an enemy of liberty? Ron Paul served in the military during a terrible war, is he an enemy of liberty for this participation?