Comment: Ron Paul is in disagreement with his son over sanctions

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Ron Paul is in disagreement with his son over sanctions

especially since Iran has done everything it was supposed to do EXCEPT completely shut down it's nuclear power plan because why? Oh that's right.. they have a treaty that they've met every stipulation save one.

So uh yeah... It's not debatable. Deciding not to trade with someone as a country on your own or forcing 30 other countries to do the same thing with you for no warranted reason is slightly different..

And why did Jefferson impose embargo's?

Oh that's right..

"The embargo was imposed in response to violations of U.S. neutrality, in which American merchantmen and their cargo were seized as contraband of war by the belligerent European navies. The British Royal Navy, in particular, resorted to impressment, forcing thousands of American seamen into service on their warships.[3] Great Britain and France, engaged in a struggle for control of Europe, rationalized the plunder of U.S. shipping as incidental to war and necessary for their survival."

Yeah I can see you know what you're talking about. :)

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