Comment: I remember it well

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I remember it well

It evolved out of United We Stand America, an activist organization started by Ross Perot. It started out great...members handed out information on the Federal Reserve and the income tax, and about 100 people showed up at the weekly meetings. We went to speaking engagements of our then congressman Al McCandless and gave him hell over his endorsement of NAFTA. We even stuck a huge plywood "pink slip" on his local office window and called the media -- it was on the evening news! After about 7 months, the organization had been infiltrated and destroyed -- the "leadership" handed down strict rule and would no longer even allow us to hand out the educational material on the Fed. The best activist people quit attending meetings and soon, there were no more than 5 or 6 people at meetings. The worst thing you can do is all band together as a collective under some named organization with bylaws and that sort of thing -- it's so easy to co-opt. We need to stay in touch through websites like the DP, but remain individuals like we did as Ron Paul supporters.