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This is No Response

Having read the post you are responding to, I don't see a single point you are directly addressing, but I do see rhetorical tactics.
"If in fact you are open to accepting reality then you should do more research. There is a vast amount of information online that is more than enough 'proof' beyond any reasonable doubt that the bible was written by men to control other men."
This implies that unless he has come to the same conclusions as you have, then he either 1) is not open to reality, 2) has been a poor researcher thus far, 3) or he is unreasonable. A trinity of accusations parading as a point. What a riot.
But then you say....
"It was written by men who heard voices in their heads and claimed it was 'God'."

Which is it? Was it written by men to control other men, or was it written by schizophrenics who heard voices? I suppose it could be both. Perhaps there were men who heard voices which told them to write something to control other men. But it is always amusing to me to find self styled skeptics like yourself who offer (as fact) completely unprovable premises about the experiences and motives of men who lived millenniums ago, while rejecting what evidence we do have from them.

So your life has meaning? Where did this meaning come from? Could you tell us what meaning your life has?

And as an aside...
"No more fearing death."
I have often heard atheist argue that part of the problem with theism (of various forms) is that it makes its adherents view this earthly life with less importance - that their beliefs in the hereafter make them too willing to sacrifice themselves in hopes of heaven. In short, it makes them not fear death. But it isn't long before many of the same atheist turn clean around and talk about their own atheism as freeing them from fearing an end to life.