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Very True...

My family and I were just discussing this very issue tonight. If you go to there is a poll up where the majority of people are voting for Ron Paul next week. Gary Johnson comes in 2nd.

I will say though, that it sure would have nice if Ron Paul would have gotten behind either Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson, and done a college campus tour with them. Can you imagine the fanfare? That would have gotten 5% of the vote. My hope is that enough people are fed up that one of the third parties will indeed get that 5% of the vote that is crucial to breaking down the barriers of the two party monopoly.

If everyone did unite behind Gary Johnson -my personal pick - and said this movement is where we want to score our next victory, getting that 5% majority party status, who cares who wins the presidency? A message would be sent that we are tired and we are moving on. In the meantime, there'd be nothing wrong with trying to continue to take over the GOP, but at least there'd be a third voice.

Anyhow, it made sense to us. I know that many people would still like to vote for Ron Paul, but I just think that the possibility is there to advance the Liberty Movement. And that 5% threshold may just be it.