Comment: Truth is key

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Truth is key

The problem is that most of us are tired of politicians with no integrity. That is a major reason we all got behind Ron - whether we agreed with everything he said or not, we knew where he stood, and that he would do what he says and say what he means. Now, politicians out there know what to 'say' to get us on board (look at all the co-opting of Ron's talking points by other candidates and talking heads), but will they do it? That is our problem.

There will be no bridging major fault lines between liberty supporters (e.g. pro-life vs. pro-choice) if we don't find a leader with integrity who tells the truth about *everything.* GJ, for example, says our troops are over in the ME fighting for our freedoms. That's not truth. Rand shot himself in both feet by supporting Romney, and has lost critical support in the liberty movement no matter how many good votes he makes and what good legislation he proposes.

We are at a point where we can't sidestep the need for truth anymore. There is no true freedom without complete truth. The perfect leader doesn't have all the answers, but simply an unswerving dedication to the truth. We can't simply get behind someone who only tells part of the truth anymore. That's what would kill the movement.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.